1 December 2021


Mr. Jimmy Lim Kay Yee
PCI Papers Sdn. Bhd.

Welcome to the PaperOne™ customer feature, where we interview our customers to find out more about them, their company, their thoughts about the industry, and their partnership with APRIL Group.

This month, we feature Mr. Jimmy Lim Kay Yee, Sales & Marketing Director of PCI Papers Sdn. Bhd.

PaperOne™: Good afternoon Mr. Jimmy, great having you with us today! Could you share with us a little more about PCI Papers Sdn. Bhd. and your role within the company?

Mr. Jimmy Lim: Good afternoon! My name is Jimmy Lim and I am the Sales and Marketing Director of PCI Papers Sdn. Bhd. In my day-to-day, I oversee our daily sales as well as monitor our competitors, in order to stay ahead of the game and better plan our long-term strategy.

PaperOne™: That sounds like a lot of work! On the topic of competitors, could you tell us how PCI Papers Sdn. Bhd. is different from its competitors?

Mr. Jimmy Lim: Sure, our mission is to achieve greater success by helping to position PaperOne™ products as a household brand and bringing it to the forefront of every consumer in the Malaysia market. Apart from providing competitive prices, we also provide our customers solutions for their logistics and warehousing. In fact, we go above and beyond in attending to their needs, helping them achieve success in their own businesses as well.

PaperOne™: We can certainly see why PCI Papers Sdn. Bhd. would be a supplier of choice for businesses around! On the topic of PaperOne™ products, how has your working relationship with APRIL Group been like?

Mr. Jimmy Lim: We have been partners with APRIL Group since 1989 and it’s been great so far. They have been a great support over the years, and we know that we can continue to count on them in the coming future as well.

PaperOne™: We’re glad you feel that way!

Mr. Jimmy Lim: It’s also great that APRIL Group is committed to sustainability. We are all for their PEFC products which are quickly gaining recognition and are now the pre-requisite for most corporate and government tenders.

PaperOne™: Indeed, sustainability is truly a cause we cannot afford to be ignorant about. Moving on to the next question, where do you see the pulp and paper industry going in the next decade?

Mr. Jimmy Lim: While we are moving towards a digitalised era, I believe that the demand for pulp and paper will continue to grow. While more people are turning to digital statements and transactions, there will always be a need for physical hard copies for safe keeping purposes and future references. In some cases, official receipts are even required to be kept for at least 7 years. Even with e-commerce on the rise, the demand for paper will continue to increase with things like forms for logistics and deliveries.

PaperOne™: That’s a great insight! Indeed, as we see a shift in the industry, there are always business opportunities everywhere. We look forward to seeing how your business will continue to expand in the coming years! Thank you once again for speaking with us, and have a great day ahead!

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