1 February 2022


Ms. Anni Gunawan
Cinjoe Jaya Perkasa Muda

Welcome to the PaperOne™ customer feature, where we interview our customers to find out more about them, their company, their thoughts about the industry, and their partnership with APRIL Group.

This month, we feature Ms. Anni Gunawan, Managing Director of Cinjoe Jaya Perkasa Muda

PaperOne™: Good morning Ms. Anni Gunawan, thank you for being here today! Let’s start off the interview with an introduction about yourself and your company.

Ms. Anni Gunawan: Hello, thank you so much for having me! I’m more than happy to be here. My name is Anni Gunawan, and I am currently the Managing Director of Cinjoe Jaya Perkasa Muda, the leading paper distributor, converter and producer of specialty paper in Indonesia.

PaperOne™: Could you kindly share more with us about the history behind Cinjoe Jaya Perkasa Muda?

Ms. Anni Gunawan: Definitely. We started out back in the 1940s, where our company was just a small shop in an alley. We were already named Cinjoe back then, which is derived from the Chinese characters 振(Zhen) which means rise and take flight, and 裕(yu) which means abundance - and that’s what we strive to achieve! Through a comprehensive range of paper products and reliable delivery to our customers, our mission is to make powerful progress, gain a positive reputation and share abundant results with all our stakeholders.

PaperOne™: That sounds very inspiring! What would you say makes Cinjoe Jaya Perkasa Muda different from its competitors?

Ms. Anni Gunawan: Well, established over half a century ago, Cinjoe has grown tremendously and we pride ourselves in trust, integrity, consistency, performance and delivery. We work hard to serve our customers with the best paper available, which is mainly paper from APRIL Group, and our customers also know that when they buy from us, they can count on receiving reliable and trustworthy products and services.

PaperOne™: Being able to establish that trust with your customers is truly very important in a business, and we are also glad you feel that way about our paper products! Now, we have also heard a little about your company’s Corporate Social Responsibility efforts, could you share more?

Ms. Anni Gunawan: Sure! Our company participates in projects for those in need in the local community through donating funds and paper for arts and crafts. However, we also care deeply about the environment and do our part by supporting suppliers that are PEFC or FSC certified. On our end, we are also SVLK certified, which means we only purchase from suppliers that produce from sustainable forests.

PaperOne™: It’s great to hear that Cinjoe Jaya Perkasa Muda takes care to obtain its supplies from sustainable sources! At APRIL Group, we believe that taking care of the environment is necessary for a business to truly be sustainable as well. How long has your company been working with APRIL Group?

Ms. Anni Gunawan: We’ve been working with APRIL ever since they started their operations in Indonesia. They are one of our major suppliers and over the years, APRIL has shown us great support in so many ways, be it in terms of market insights or strategy. At this point we really feel like family with APRIL and see this partnership going far in the future.

PaperOne™: ™: It’s been a pleasure working with you too Ms. Anni Gunawan! So what are some of the PaperOne™ products that you sell?

Ms. Anni Gunawan: Right now we sell PaperOne™ Offset, PrintOne™ Offset, Premium Print, ZAP and EKON, which have been very consistent in their quality. Working with APRIL Group, we can tell that they do the work to research and develop what is best for their customers, and you would be happy to know that we often get positive feedback from our customers about the papers.

PaperOne™: Thank you so much, we really are glad to hear that! Moving on to some industry-related questions, how do you think the shift towards online modes of communication has impacted the pulp and paper industry?

Ms. Anni Gunawan: The paper industry will have to adapt no matter what. However, I don’t think paper will ever lose its place in the world and in fact, there might even be more demand for paper to support smart products like RFID paper, or products to support booming online transactions like labels and e-commerce packaging. Of course, change isn’t something new in the industry as well. We’ve seen shifts from newspapers into uncoated woodfree usage in the past years, and with the current shifting market trend, we will be diving into the online market and customisation. But you have to agree that physical books are still preferred by many and certificates are definitely nicer if you can hang them on the wall in your office. With that being said, by being providers of paper for a wide range of printing styles, we are better able to cater to the different needs of people all around.

PaperOne™: Based on your answer, where do you see your company moving toward in the next 5 to 10 years?

Ms. Anni Gunawan: Now we’re looking to enter the recycle paper market and also sell more 75-80gsm cut size paper for high-speed machines.

PaperOne™: That’s interesting! Thank you so much for sharing with us! Before we wrap up the session, do you have anything that you would like to share with our readers?

Ms. Anni Gunawan: I would say that the one thing people should take away from this conversation is that paper is everywhere. And that if they are keen to find out more about paper types or printing techniques, they can feel free to come by our office for a look around our paper gallery where we have a small library of books and magazine references, or even a get-to-know session with our paper consultant. Everyone is welcome!

PaperOne™: That’s amazing! Thank you so much for speaking with us today Ms. Anni Gunawan, it was an insightful conversation indeed.

Ms. Anni Gunawan: No problem, it’s my pleasure. See you soon.

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