1 January 2022


Mr. Jayesh Savla
Shah Devji Shivji and Co.

Welcome to the PaperOne™ customer feature, where we interview our customers to find out more about them, their company, their thoughts about the industry, and their partnership with APRIL Group.

This month, we feature Mr. Jayesh Savla, a Partner at Shah Devji Shivji and Co.

PaperOne™: It’s nice to meet you, Mr. Jayesh Savla! We really appreciate you speaking with us today. To begin, could you share a bit more about yourself and your role within Shah Devji Shivji and Co.?

Mr. Jayesh Savla: Thank you for having me. Shah Devji Shivji and Co. are paper distributors and importers in India, and as a partner I oversee the import sourcing and the business development side of things.

PaperOne™: It must be challenging to take on this role. On that note, could you share with us more about Shah Devji Shivji and Co.?

Mr. Jayesh Savla: Well Shah Devji Shivji and Co. has been around for 60 years. We first started in retail, and distributed papers from domestic mills, but since then we have moved to imports and stocking papers and paper boards.

PaperOne™: That’s interesting! What do you think sets your company apart from its competitors?

Mr. Jayesh Savla: The human touch that you can find in our service for sure. We offer a wide variety of premium grade papers for commercial and packaging applications, but we take pride in being able to help our customers be more competitive and knowledgeable through the solutions and advice that we offer.

PaperOne™: That sounds wonderful! We also heard a bit about your company’s Corporate Social Responsibility efforts. Could you share a little bit more?

Mr. Jayesh Savla: Yes of course. We make sure to participate in community development activities for the underprivileged, working with medical and educational NGOs as well as animal welfare groups as part of our effort in giving back to nature.

PaperOne™: It’s great to hear that your company is so well rounded in caring for the community and environment!

Mr. Jayesh Savla: Yes, we believe it is important that we give back to the community and also back to this planet that we come from! This is also one of the reasons why we chose to use PaperOne™ 's PEFC products which helps us ensure that even in our operations, we are taking a more sustainable approach.

PaperOne™: Thank you so much for believing in us! Could you tell us more about how it has been for you working with APRIL Group?

Mr. Jayesh Savla: It has been great so far. We’ve been a partner with APRIL Group for 15 years now and their representatives have been a great support over the years in growing our business. It’s also hard to find this standard of quality papers at such competitive rates anywhere else. Overall, I would say that their paper has the best overall parameters an uncoated paper can have.

PaperOne™: Thank you so much for your kind words! It’s our pleasure working with you as well Mr. Jayesh Savla. On to more industry-related questions - based on your expertise, how do you think the shift towards a digital world has impacted the pulp and paper industry?

Mr. Jayesh Savla: To be frank, the long term prospects are not so good. As the Covid pandemic accelerated the digitalisation of the economy, we saw how the commercial printing and educational publishing sectors suffered in terms of demand and it might stay that way for some time to come. So that’s where diversification is important, where we have started to focus on producing more packaging grades, with FBB, brown and bleached kraft as part of our offerings to customers.

PaperOne™: It’s definitely important for companies to continue innovating and shifting along with the times, where change can prove to be a good business opportunity too! Last but not least, do you have any interesting facts about paper that you would like to share with our readers?

Mr. Jayesh Savla: I believe that paper will always have a place in our world. Being the original form of communication, it still retains its value in being the best education resource for children.

PaperOne™: Indeed, paper does bring about many benefits to users all around! Thank you for sharing that with us, it’s been wonderful hearing from you!

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